Thursday, December 1, 2011

Michelle Kwan's "One More Time" by Laura Pausini from the Message In a Bottle soundtrack

Dear readers, Happy December first! Also, Happy U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame nomination for Michelle Kwan! In honor of these two firsts, today's post is a video of Michelle Kwan's beautiful performance from the 1999 Hershey Kisses Figure Skating Challenge to "One More Time" by Laura Pausini from the Message in a Bottle Soundtrack.

On the tail of Michelle's defeat at the World Championships to Russian Maria Butyrskaya at the 1999 Worlds in Helsinki, Finland, it was important for Michelle to skate cleanly at this "fluff" competition. Not that she ever had to prove anything, in my eyes, but critics were always quick to write Michelle off after one defeat. Michelle showed everyone here why she was a 2-time World Champion and the reigning Olympic silver medalist at this point in time. Pure elegance on ice.

I've always loved this exhibition to "One More Time." I think this performance broadcast on ABC was the only time I saw her skate this. I've been searching for this video on YouTube for quite some time and was thrilled to find it at random this morning while looking for a Michelle program to post. I am also pleased to hear the commentary of my favorite Dick Button.

This program reminds me all over again while Michelle Kwan is--and always will be--the best!

Enjoy this post of Michelle's "One More Time":

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