Saturday, December 3, 2011

Jeremy Abbott's "Hometown Glory" by Adele from 2011 Fashion on Ice

I feel so much love, admiration, and respect for Jeremy Abbott's skating watching this performance to "Hometown Glory" by Adele from the recent TV special Fashion on Ice.
I am a huge Jeremy fan as it is, but I feel some extra adoration while watching him skate this program.

Jeremy is a true artist on the ice and I know that because I actually feel emotion while watching him skate. Jeremy is among the select few in the world who puts as much emphasis--if not more--on the artistic side of the sport as on the technical side. And when he is able to combine both: wow. His skating seems even more profoundly beautiful this year than ever before. I love how Jeremy's skating is seamless woven together as in 1.59-2.06 when his Arabian flows into a spiral and a spread eagle. Another highlight for me comes at 2:55-56 when Jeremy performs what looks to be reverse "falling leaves"--a floating leap of sorts.

I hope you enjoy Jeremy's performance to Adele's "Hometown Glory" as much as I do!

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