Monday, February 10, 2014

Olympic Flashback #2: Evgeny Plushekno's Silver-Medal-Winning Freeskate to "Carmen" by Georges Bizet in Salt Lake City in 2002

Thirty-one-year-old Evgeny Plushenko just wowed audiences with his effort in Russia's gold medal in the figure skating team event over the weekend; however, his performance in Sochi is literally nothing compared to what he did at his first Olympics in 2002. As a 19-year-old in Salt Lake City, Plushenko's technical content was unreal. Entering the freeskate in fourth place after an uncharacteristic fall in the short program, Plusheko threw down the gauntlet in his flamboyant "Carmen" freeskate, nearly nailing a quadruple toe loop-triple toe loop-triple loop combination. Plushenko's quad-triple was flawless, but he fell out of the triple loop, narrowly missing his attempt to become the first man in Olympic history to land that combination. In fact, I haven't seen anyone try it since. Plushenko also landed another rare and difficult combination of a triple axel-half loop-triple flip.

In addition to the insane jumping content, this program has all of his usual pomp, circumstance, and famous Plushekno flair. This is a must-see for Plushenko fans. And for any skating fan for that matter.

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