Wednesday, November 24, 2010

ON THE RADAR: Javier Fernandez

Today's "ON THE RADAR" skater is 19-year-old Javier Fernandez of Madrid, Spain. He is the 2010 Spanish National Champion. He finished 14th in his Olympic debut in February-- the first time a skater from Spain had competed in the Olympics in more than 50 years--8th at the European Championships, and 12th at his first World Championships in March. Javier recently finished 5th at Skate Canada with an entertaining freeskate to "Pirates of the Carribean."

Javier, capable of a gorgeous quadruple toe loop and high-flying triple axels, is a skater who pays attention to the choreographic details of his programs in that he incorporates humor and plays to the crowd. His "Pirates" freeskate includes a moment where he mimes drinking whiskey and a "drunken" footwork sequence ensues! Javier has a spirited presence on the ice, and I'm sure working with the gifted choreographer and coach, Nikolai Morozov (who was yesterday's ON THE RADAR skater, Adam Rippon's former coach) also helps bring out the jovial pirate character he plays on the ice.

Upon watching Javier's skating, my sister, Devon declared, "I like his skating quality! It's imaginative and refreshing!"

Indeed, Javier is an exciting new face on the international scene. His skating is as refreshing as a few glugs of cold whiskey would be for a pirate after he's set sail on the high seas!

Enjoy Javier's "Pirates of the Carribean" freeskate from Skate Canada!

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