Thursday, November 5, 2015

Patrick Chan's Chopin Freeskate at 2015 Skate Canada

I just watched Patrick Chan's winning freeskate from last weekend's Skate Canada. It's sublime. Perfect musical selection to Frederic Chopin. The music complements Chan's smooth, quiet, subtle skating style. While watching this, all I could think about was the title of a book written by Dick Button: An Edge is a Lean of the Body. Chan is a master of deep edges, flowing running edges, and all the beauty that skating has to offer.

I loved this! Congratulations to Patrick Chan for winning his first competition after a year off. And he beat the 2014 Olympic champion, Yazuru Hanyu, whom Chan lost to in Sochi.

What a statement this makes to the rest of the world. He's back. And better than ever!

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