Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy 30th Birthday to Stephane Lambiel

If you can believe it, it's been nearly three months since my last blog post. Life has gotten busy, and to be honest, I just wasn't feeling inspired to write. However, just now, while randomly scrolling through Facebook, it has come to my attention that today is Stephane Lambiel's 30th birthday. And as I write this, there is only 12 minutes left in said birthday. I want to make sure that I honor the day.

From the time he burst onto the scene in the early 2000s, Stephane has always been a favorite skater of mine. From his incredible spinning to his unique artistic perspective, he always brought something fresh and passionate to competitive and artistic figure skating. Some moments that stand out for me are his 2006 winning-Worlds freeskate to Vivaldi's "Four Seasons," his "William Tell Overture" short program from the 2010 Vancouver Games, and his "Paint it Black" exhibition from Art on Ice. The list could really go on, but since I don't have time to honor 30 of Stephane's greatest hits on his 30th birthday, I'll settle for three of the best.

Known for his incredible spinning ability, quadruple jumps, and musical interpretation, Lambiel was a "triple threat," in his day. He won 2-World titles, the 2006 Olympic silver medal, and 9-Swiss National titles.

Wishing Stephane a wonderful day and hoping he continues skating for many more years so that his fans can continue to enjoy his awesome talent. Thanks for all the great skating memories, Stephane, and happy birthday!!

2006 Worlds Freeskate to "Four Seasons" by Vivaldi:

Perhaps one of my favorite freeskates. Ever.

"William Tell Overture" short program, modified for a television exhibition:

Footwork sequence=awesome.

"Paint it Black" exhibition from Art on Ice.

So much fun.

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