Monday, August 26, 2013

Inspiration for the Second Day of School: Michelle Kwan's "The Feeling Begins"

With the first day of school down, I am looking forward to going into day two with a renewed sense of energy and determination.
One only has to refer to Michelle Kwan's 2003 Worlds short program to "The Feeling Begins" to learn a thing or two about determination and grit. This was the first time we saw what my sister calls, "The Michelle Kwan Fighter Face." Here, Michelle skates with an intensity and fire that is without compare. I need to remember to wear my Michelle Kwan Fighter face as I tackle tomorrow's challenges head-on!


  1. I too, am not a skater, but because of Michelle Kwan, I know as much about the sport as a non skater can know. It's so nice to see people still expressing their admiration for someone who embodies good sportsmanship both on and off the ice. I'm a professional dancer working in L.A. and I'm at that point in my career where I have to face the realities of aging and move on to something new...much like Michelle Kwan has done. For me that something new is illustration. Watching the video you posted and reading your blog has inspired me to do a series of Michelle Kwan illustrations. Thank you for that. I have a couple of books I'm illustrating now, but I hope to have a few Michelle Kwan drawings ready to show in the near future. Thanks again and good luck with the new school year. :-) Sincerely, Steve

    1. Wow, Steve! You probably won't ever see this, but I was quite surprised when I read this comment and clicked on your profile, realizing you were the same dancer from TN. I have been a big fan of both Michelle and you ever since I was a kid.. It's great to hear that you also love Michelle, especially because you're an incredible dancer in your own right. I've always thought that Michelle had gorgeous lines, even if she isn't exactly a "balletic" type of skater. I hope you continue to dance in some capacity even as you're moving onto another field.

      Susan, great blog as usual. Even though 2003 kind of marked the beginning of Michelle's programs becoming more choreographically simple, she skated with a new strength and passion. This is definitely one of her fiercest programs! She'll always be my idol and I love that youtube allows us to go back and relive all her amazing performances!

    2. Wow! I just came across this, two years later. ha! How funny that you are a fan of Thuy Nga. I am actually still hanging in there, and was in the last two shows. Anyway, I just wanted to reply to you and say thanks for those kind words. Hope all is well.

  2. Dear Steve,

    Thank you for sharing your story!! I'm so glad to hear that reading about Michelle Kwan on my blog has inspired you in your next project! I hope you can share your Michelle drawings.

    Thank you again for reaching out! Best wishes!!