Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jennifer Kirk's "Chicago"

Like any other skating fan, I've been regularly listening to Jenny Kirk and Dave Lease's skating You Tube show The Skating Lesson. The duo also has an impressive Web site with blog articles and other fun content at Jenny and Dave's TSL initiative is what the skating world has been missing. Don't get me wrong, Ice Network has a fantastic site that I check every day, but TSL offers something unique with Jenny and Dave's candid and humorous commentary and the no-holds-barred interviews they conduct with today's top skaters.

I can't describe how much I have enjoyed listening to Jenny and Dave's thoughts about the skating world. Their site has been a major source of enjoyment for me throughout the winter and these last few weeks. I credit Jenny with taking her own personal experiences and challenges in the skating world and channeling that wisdom into a positive medium for today's skaters and fans. Jenny is doing an amazing job with TSL and it's wonderful to see her looking so healthy and happy. I always thought Jenny was a beautiful skater and was sad when she retired before the Olympic season in 2006, but it's nice to see that she still has an involvement in skating and is making a positive impact.

To celebrate the success of TSL and Jenny's success in her broadcast journalism endeavors, let's watch one of her finest skating moments skating to "Chicago" at the 2005 U.S. National Championships:

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