Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Kristi Yamaguichi!

Happy 42nd Birthday, Kristi Yamaguchi!!

Today's let's celebrate the outstanding career of one of the sport's most dazzling, sophisticated, and accomplished professionals. Kristi has never been any-less than poised, polished, and professional throughout her career. I find her to be dignified, positive, and always working for the greater good with her charities.

"Doop Doop," which Kristi used as both a competition short program (in the professional circuit) and an exhibition piece in the 1994-1995 season, is one of the most innovative and clever skating programs I can think of. When I first saw it during the broadcast of the inaugural Ice Wars even in 1994, I remember loving it and watching it over and over.

To celebrate Kristi's special day, let's revisit one of her most creative and fun programs!

Happy Birthday, Kristi!

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