Monday, May 13, 2013

Ode to Miss Saigon #1: Yu-na Kim's "Miss Saigon" Soundtrack Freeskate from the 2007-08 Season

Listening to the glorious music of Les Miserables (which inspired me to begin posting "Ode to Les Mis" posts) has led me to links of the great and beautiful Lea Salonga. Salonga performed in Les Mis on Broadway and turns up in most of my Les Mis You Tube searches; however, she is best known for her work in Miss Saigon. Click HERE to hear a clip of Salonga performing "I Still Believe" from Miss Saigon.

The music from Miss Saigon is comprable to hte brilliance of Les Mis, in my opinion. There have been many fine skating performances to the music over the years. While I'm "ode-ing" to Les Mis, I'm going to start an ode to Miss Saigon, too!

For the first post, I'm featuring Yu-na Kim's 2007-2008 freeskate performance to the "Miss Saigon" soundtrack. The music is perfect for Yu-na, from a cultural standpoint, but also it gave her a lovely artistic vehicle. The whole package suited her and it's one of my favorite programs of hers. This particular performance from the 2007 Grand Prix final is flawless!


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