Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Dick Button!

Today is Dick Button's 88th birthday. Skating fans haven't seen much of him in awhile, but I sure hope he's well. I thank Dick Button for teaching me almost everything that I know about figure skating. Not only did I listen to his skating commentary on television since I was 10, he was also the host of the Magic Memories on Ice tape that I re-watched over and over on countless Saturday afternoons and as little girl. Dick Button's voice and his unique perspective on the world of figure skating, in his intellectual, enthusiastic, and witty, bumbling ways are forever etched in my memory.

At the 2014 Nationals in Boston, I was lucky enough to meet Dick Button and have him sign my copy of his book Push Dick's Button. He was older then than how I picture him forever frozen in time in my memory, but that didn't matter to me. Meeting him was a thrill and honor of a lifetime.

Happiest of birthdays, Dick Button. You have shared so much skating knowledge, appreciation, and joy. Thank you.

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