Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Russian Diva Series: Part 2: Anjelica Krylova & Oleg Ovsyannikov's "Masquerade Waltz"

When it came to giving drama, Anjelica Krylova did just that. The 1998 Olympic silver medalist and two time World Champion knew how to deliver the diva stare and project her performance all the way up to the last row. While this team's "Carmen" during the 1997/1998 season had the most dramatic ice-diva moments, this "Masquerade Waltz" program from the 1996-1997 is my favorite. As Dick Button tells us at the start of the dance, the story is one that portrays a man who comes home from a waltz and suspects his wife of having been unfaithful. In the end, he kills her.

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