Sunday, January 24, 2016

This Will Restore your Faith in Skating: Part 2: Polina Edmunds' "Moonlight Sonata"

Thursday evening at the U.S. National Championships in St. Paul MN., Polina Edmunds schooled the top contenders with this stunner of a short program to "Moonlight Sonata." Formerly bare-faced, donning braids and beads in her hair, the teenager from California seemingly transformed overnight from fresh-faced teen to a sleek and sophisticated woman, ready to take on the world. Polina looked so mature that my sister and I did not recognize her in the ladies short program recap photo that appeared on the Ice Network homepage.

This is the best short program I've seen from Polina, but also one of the best short programs I've seen from anyone in a long, long time. It had polish, it had precision, it had power, it had command. It had everything. This is a short program! This. is. how. it's. done.

My faith in figure skating has been restored!

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