Friday, September 5, 2014

"Queen Yu-Na" Turns 24 Today

Happy 24th birthday to a woman who is a skating pioneer in South Korea and has inspired young athletes all over the world. Yu-Na Kim, the 2010 Olympic Champion and the reigning Olympic silver medalist has given the skating world a lot of excitement over the years with her breathtaking triple jumps and her raw power and speed. She's developed into a beautiful artist, as well. Though I personally felt that Yu-Na was missing a spark with her performances in Sochi (she just didn't seem happy), I was moved by her sophistication and her ability to deliver two terrific performances under unbelievable pressure. When there was an uproar over her loss, Yu-Na handled the situation with grace and calm and assured everyone that she was okay with the results and she did her best. She's been a fantastic ambassador for the sport and I hope to see her in ice shows for years to come.

2014 Olympic short-program to "Send in the Clowns":

2014 Olympic freeskate to "Adios Nonino":
click HERE to view.

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