Monday, August 18, 2014

SYTYCD Spirit and Soul: Zack, and All-star Amy: "Europe, After the Rain," by Max Richter

This piece, set to "Europe, After the Rain," by Max Richter, aired on So You Think You Can Dance on Fox a couple of weeks ago. Since then, it has stayed with me.

Choreographed by the incredible Sonya Tayeh , this piece pays tribute to a friend of Tayeh's, who died "all too soon." Show contestant, Zack, plays the character of her friend, who is already dead at the time of the dance. The woman in the piece is trying to cling to her friend, but he can't stay, and must leave her at the end.

The story unfolds through stunning positions, soul-gripping movement, and authentic expression that will touch your heart.

Tayeh's choreography is profound, all-star Amy is magnificent, and Zack is genuine and vulnerable. I get chills and/or tears every single time I watch.

The music, the lighting, the choreography, the dancers...all of it creates this unbelievably gorgeous, haunting masterpiece that so perfectly sums up the feeling of letting go of someone, or something that you desperately want, but can't have. The elements in the music so aptly portray the inner storm that ensues when parting with someone, or something that you love.

I was absolutely blown away when I saw this for the first time. And each time I've seen it since, I am equally amazed and moved. The anguish is palpable. It's totally gut-wrenching and totally brilliant.

I hope you love it. I hope you cry. I hope you share it with others :)

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