Thursday, June 19, 2014

Skating Into the Sunset: Alissa Czisny Announces Retirement

Two-time U.S. National Champion Alissa Czisny has announced her retirement from amateur competition. Czisny will remain in the skating world, but in the form of professional shows and coaching. Czisny has been out of competition for the last two seasons due to injuries and recovering from two surgeries. Click HERE to read the news article on

Over the years, Czisny has had many ups and downs, but through it all, she always composed both herself and her skating with the utmost class, grace, and style. Her skating skills, line, and positions were always exquisite; her only downfalls were her jumping technique and confidence issues that often held her back. Despite her inconsistency, Czisny was known for her hard work, tenacity, and optimism, all of which helped her to capture a handful of national and international titles. Czisny finished her career with two U.S. National titles ('09, '11--the second of which was won without flaw), two Skate Canada titles ('05,'10), a Skate America title ('11), and a Grand Prix Final Championship ('10).

I'll always remember Czisny as a classy champion with endless beauty and elegance-- on and off the ice.

Here are some of Alissa's most memorable performances over the years:

2005 Skate America, "La Bayadere" by Leon Minkus, (second place):

2007 U.S. Nationals, "Sabrina" soundtrack, (third place):

2009 U.S. Nationals, "The Swan," (first place short program):

2011 U.S. Nationals, "Winter into Spring" by George Winston, (first place):

2012 U.S. Nationals, "La Vie en Rose,":

2011 Exhibition at All That Skate to "Moon River":


  1. Ever since I first saw her in 2005, she has consistently been my favorite skater. We often give a lot of credit to those who win consistently but not enough to those who consistently get back on the ice to do better. In my opinion, she is one of the most graceful figure skaters of all time and definitely one of the best spinners. She will be missed and I'm thankful that she's been able to show younger skaters the value of hard work and determination. You don't have to be perfect to be great.

  2. it's got personality,
    it's got competition, it's got the Olympic Games--what else is there that you need in the world?"
    ~Dick Button, 2-time Olympic gold medalist about figure skating gold retirement

  3. Something about this girl always seemed sad. I wish she could have gone to the Olympics. I wish her all the best.