Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Night Inspirations

As another work week has come to an end, I am reminded that amid the delirium that results from lack of sleep, lack of nutrients, and maintaining a high-level of intensity, it is always passion, determination, and a drive to be my best that propels me forward. Watching figure Skating has always been a source of inspiration for me because it is an escape, an expression of emotion, and a manifestation of unbridled passion. Something about the fusion of competitive grit, artistic interpretation, grand music, and a flight across the ice equals just what I need to fill my spirits with joy, motivation, and ultimately, hope.

Enjoy some of my favorite inspirational performances!

Jeremy Abbott's "Hometown Glory":

Johnny Weir's "Unchained Melody":

Richard Dornbush's "Sherlock Holmes":

Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig's 2010 Rachmaninoff freeskate:

Meryl Davis and Charlie White's "Notredame de Paris":

Evan Lysacek's "Rhapsody in Blue":

Kurt Browning, Paul Wylie, and Scott Hamilton's "Masters of Footwork":

Paul Wylie's 1992 Olympic Freeskate to "Henry the V":

Scott Hamilton's "The Sabre Dance":

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