Monday, March 18, 2013

Stop and Smell the Roses: Michelle Kwan's "Beautiful World" by Sumi Jo

Some of you may or may not have noticed a lack of posting on this blog lately. Life has turned up a notch for me as I'm working in a new job. While I'm enjoying that I'm doing, the leisure time that I require to adequately keep up with my blog, has been few and far between. There's a lesson that can be found in all this. There were times of late when I bemoaned being so busy. But I know deep down, whether or not I'm willing to realize it and embrace it, that being busy isn't a bad thing if I can view it in a positive way. If I were not so busy, my life would not be as rife with opportunity and experiences. If I were not so busy, I wouldn't be pushing myself to new heights to be a better person, who capitalizes on the day's full schedule and pushes myself to be more efficient. If I weren't so busy, my life wouldn't be as varied and interesting, allowing me to interact with many wonderful personalities throughout the day. If I weren't so busy, I wouldn't be challenged. Business can be viewed as excitement rather than stress. And above all, no matter how busy I am, it's important to always take some time to stop. To breathe. To be still. To be in the present. To appreciate the beautiful world.

In the spirit of this message of appreciating all that is pure, lovely, wondrous, and great, I hope you can take a few moments to revel in yet another seamless work of joy by Ms. Kwan.

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