Sunday, January 13, 2013

Countdown to the U.S. Championships: Great Moments in U.S. Championship History: Naomi Lang and Peter Tcherneyshev's 1998 Latin Freedance

This isn't my favorite freedance of the 5-time U.S. National Championships, but it is the first time I saw them skate, and I immediately took notice. Peter and Naomi finished 3rd at this Championship in Philadelphia and began their impressive winning streak the next season.

I always felt that Naomi and Peter were under-marked on the world stage. Nevertheless, these two shone in the national spotlight. In 2002, at the Salt Lake City Olympics, Naomi became the first athlete of American Indian descent to compete at the Olympic Games. (Peter is of Russian heritage).

Enjoy this exuberant Latin freeskate from two great American Champions.

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